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Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, January 26, 2021: It's time to clear your doubts

Think twice before you say anything at work; today you'll find it difficult to keep your mouth shut


The sun, Jupiter, and Saturn are in Leo's couple and marriage zone. All three are in conjunction and square Mars which is in conjunction with Uranus and Lilith. In short, it'll be a very tense day when it comes to love.

You'll have a lot of doubts thinking about what kind of a relationship you want and deserve.  You'll find it difficult to declutter your mind and, if you have a partner, he/she will notice the distance you've taken and feel very hurt.

This energy will bring out some of your feelings that you may not have wanted to face. Today you no longer have a choice. You can't keep running away from yourself. It's time to face your emotions.  You don't have to make any important decisions yet, just let your mind calm down and clear up a little. 

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Your mental state will affect your work.  You'll be more irritable than usual and lose patience easily.  Try to separate your personal life from the professional one; otherwise, you'll forfeit all the effort you've made in the last few weeks.

Some financial or real estate investments aren't going to work out the way you expected  and you may soon have to change your plans to minimize their impact on your finances.


Your mental health will be affected by your personal problems and you might suffer from migraines or a severe headache that will lead to mental fatigue.

The Neptune Pluto sextile will allow you to practice Necromancy. You can contact the ancestral spirits of your territory to ask them for advice or ask them about your future. Just remember to be respectful so you don't offend them.

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