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Leo Horoscope - Saturday, December 26, 2020: Visualize yourself succeeding at your goals

You may have to work some extra hours due to chaos, haste, and accumulated tasks


Leo, it's a good day to write a love letter to your partner and express your true feelings (no matter if they're positive or negative). It's also a perfect moment to define your personal goals and visualize their achievement.  Try to change some mental processes, for example, avoid negative thoughts or words directed to yourself or get to know people better before opening your heart and throwing yourself into idealized love and getting hurt. 

During these holidays, take advantage of your free days and go on a short trip. You could visit a relative who lives far away, maybe a sibling or your own parents. 

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On these frantic days at work, everything has to be ready "for yesterday". You'll have the feeling that you aren't enough and you won't be able to ask your colleagues for help because they'll be in the same situation.  No matter how organized and efficient you are, you'll probably have to do some extra hours.

You should be a little more selfish with your finances. It's okay to lend money even though you know you won't get it back because it's a family member or to make expensive gifts for your loved ones. However, in the end, you never have enough to buy that cream you want or pay for that massage you need.  Remember to make yourself a priority every once in a while and always look for a balance.


It's one of the best days of the year for meditations or visualizations regarding your personal or spiritual growth for the coming year.

Leo, you'll be quite lost in your own thoughts (not dreams). You won't be eager to be in big crowds unless it's your religious group. You'll avoid talking and focus on your feelings.

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