Leo Horoscope Sunday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Sunday, October 25, 2020: Beware of putting pleasure before love

Your creativity will help you increase your income and regain your economic stability


Leo, the stars foresee that today your sensuality will be at its best and you'll be eager to enjoy your magnetism to the fullest. You'll start doubting your values and may even consider cheating on your partner.  You'll take a step forward if you think that the person you want to be unfaithful with is actually your true love.

However,  you could be mistaking money for love. Are you really that attracted to this person's character and appearance? Or does the fact that he/she has a lot of money make you dream of a comfortable life full of luxuries? Before acting impulsively, remember that money comes and goes, as everything in life is cyclical.

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In terms of economy, it's not going to be your best day. Financial problems, the generation of debts, or the sacrifice of material goods will turn your world upside down. In addition, the Moon will encourage you to overspend on beauty products or health-related items  (for example, buying an expensive outfit for sport). You'll also be prone to wasting money on parties and fun.

On the other hand, your creativity will be at its best and help you regain your economic stability. Even if it's Sunday, it's a good day to work because you'll be able to come up with great ideas.

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You'll need to release your physical and sexual energy. Be careful with your decisions today as all of them will have serious consequences. You may not be able to understand that yet but try to be consistent with your actions.

Reflect on your values, your worth, and the concept you have of love.

Your physical health will be good and any recovery will be accelerated.

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