The Leo sign

Leo Horoscope - Monday, January 25, 2021: You'll receive a lot of attention and affection

Be careful with putting pressure on your workers as it could lead to a bad work environment and harm your reputation


Today's astral plane will favor Leos' family matters as planetary alignment foresees harmony and benefits in this area of your life.

Therefore, Leos who are married or simply have a stable relationship will start the week smoothly. Your partner and you will be eager to express your feelings and help each other in every task or project. You'll feel very loved and make sure you show the same interest in your partner. 

Venus will be approaching Pluto, which may cause single Leos to remember their past loves. You won't feel nostalgic or anything like that. You'll simply analyze the factors that made your previous relationships fail.

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If you have a high position in your company and are in charge of various employees, you're likely to put pressure on them today as you're under pressure yourself. However, be careful as you could create a bad work environment and harm your good reputation.

If you're looking for new contacts to do business with or new customers, luck won't be on your side and all the doors will be closed.

A family member or you will receive an unexpected sum of money, which will increase your family income. You'll be able to invest in that household appliance or a piece of furniture that you've been eager to change. 


With Venus in your health zone, you won't be able to leave home without a perfect makeup and hairstyle that will make you feel like a Hollywood star. Physical appearance will be of great importance to you today.

Take care of your eyesight, and don't forget to wear blue light glasses if you spend many hours in front of a screen.

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