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Leo Horoscope - Friday, December 25, 2020: You'll value family above money

Leos who are single could meet someone to start a romantic relationship with


It'll be a quiet day in the love field. The waters are calm and the stars suggest you reconnect your souls by connecting your bodies. Therefore, caresses, gazes, and passionate kisses will play the main role today.

Single Leos are likely to start a new relationship in the next few days. It may not last but the stars foresee that it'll be very satisfactory in the physical field. You'll both agree about how to end this love affair when the right time comes and you may even end up being friends. So, don't overthink it. Let things go their way and enjoy the presents the Universe gives you. This experience will teach you a valuable lesson.

This Christmas may not be the way you planned, but you'll find a way to spend time with the people you love the most and enjoy their love and affection. 

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Money won't matter much as the main topics of conversations will be family, love, and health. If a family member raises a controversial issue, you'll control yourself and change the subject.

You may have noticed that your home needs a deep cleaning that you simply have no time for at this moment. You could consider hiring a house cleaning service. However, if that's something you can't afford, there's no other solution but devoting the weekend to tidying up and decluttering.


It's likely that you'll feel nostalgic today. Some people may not be at your Christmas table and the arguments about the current events and everything you've been through in 2020 will take their toll on you at the end of the day. You'll feel the need to exteriorize your emotions. Don't be ashamed to cry, Leo; remember that saltwater always cleanses your aura, no matter if it's the seawater or your tears.

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