Leo Sunday on a night sky background

Leo Horoscope - Sunday, April 25, 2021: Uranus will bring you closer to someone new

You'll be very quick-tempered and get annoyed or start disputes over meaningless issues


Tense astral aspects will influence your mood and make you feel very quick-tempered.  Any meaningless issue will annoy you and you'll start arguing with anyone who doesn't agree with you. If you live together with your partner, he/she will be shocked that you get angry over nothing and end up getting upset due to your bad character.

You'll have to enhance your ability to exercise self-control so that these tensions don't lead to more serious matters that could hurt your and your partner's feelings, such as jealousy.

As for single Leos, Venus will help you feel more sensual and Uranus will bring you closer to someone new who will surprise you a lot. These two energies will be on your side this Sunday, so take advantage of them.


It's up to you to be more productive in your job. A friend or a family member will give you a piece of good advice that you should follow: avoid the distractions that certain colleagues cause you while working.

Some of your workmates may not appreciate their work as much as you do and spend all their day talking to you and showing you things on social networks.  If you want to increase your performance, set a healthy limit (in a diplomatic way) with this type of people.

If you're waiting for an answer after a job interview, you'll feel so nervous you'll start biting your nails. The planets show that, for the time being, you aren't going to get that job. Therefore, be patient and relax. Simply enjoy this Sunday and don't think about the future.


You'll remind of an old person who spends the day complaining about his/her ailments and health problems. You'll tend to exaggerate and list your illnesses out loud so that everyone knows "how bad you're feeling".

This attitude will only lower your vibrations, as well as worsen your mood. The people around you won't feel sorry for you; they won't even pay much attention to your complaints.  

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