Leo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, September 24, 2020: Your relationship secrets will be revealed

This week you'll have to carry out more boring routine tasks, which will make you feel gloomy


A friend may betray your trust and reveal some intimate secrets about your relationship.Leo, you'll meet a lot of people along the way and unfortunately, you'll have to leave some of them behind. In this case, you should cut all possible ties with this person and be more careful in the future.

This event will affect your life as a couple  since your partner won't be happy that his/her intimacies are passed down by word of mouth. They'll know it's not your fault but they will still be upset all day long.

If you feel overwhelmed by your children's energy or bad manners, it's because you haven't set clear limits or let them exceed them at some point. Now it'll be more difficult to make your little ones follow a routine and adapt to your rules. 

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Routine tasks that you have to carry out this week will make you feel very lazy. You'll wake up unwilling to go to work and get distracted by everything. You need to do something creative at work; otherwise, you start feeling sad. If you don't feel enthusiastic about your tasks, talk to your superiors. In case you're self-employed, don't accept boring orders anymore.

You're good-hearted and always willing to help others. On various occasions, you've sold things to your acquaintances and said they could pay you later. However, once these people have money, they don't give you a penny. You should start being more selective and stop wasting your valuable money.

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Tension in love will make you feel stressed all day long. You may be overwhelmed by the atmosphere at home, especially if your partner asks you for more space. You'll start binge-eating and drinking, which could greatly affect your health. 

If you feel anxious or depressed, try out meditation or physical exercise.