Leo Wednesday on a night sky background

Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, March 24, 2021: You'll be complimented on your looks

If some of your partner's comments about you hurt your feelings, you have to let him/her know


Leo, your spouse or your boyfriend/girlfriend will be showing off in front of other people and may tell some secret things about you, such as your strange habits or weird hobbies. You won't like their mocking and superior tone at all.  It's not the first time your partner makes you look bad in order to be liked and approved by others.

You've already mentioned that you hate when he/she does that, but they don't seem to realize the importance of such comments. Moreover, later they apologize and feel bad about hurting your feelings. This may happen due to your partner's low self-esteem.

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You'll be so excited about the new project that instead of keeping it secret until you can carry it out, you'll be eager to shout it from the rooftops. You shouldn't say anything until it's confirmed because in case the project is cancelled, you'll look like a bigmouth. 

One of the main lessons of marketing is that luxury products are never in crisis. If you're thinking of making a new and succulent investment, perhaps this premise will help you decide where to put your savings.

If you're planning a long car journey, don't forget to include proper breaks. Driving for a long time without resting will impair your senses.


Leo, today you'll be complimented on your physical appearance that is not so much to do with your beauty but your shape. The sacrifices you've been making for weeks are starting to show and others' compliments will make you feel even more motivated to reach your goals.

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