Leo Horoscope Friday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Friday, July 24, 2020: Don't be ashamed to claim your money

Leo, all bodies are perfect; what really matters is to be healthy; however, if you want to be fitter, you know what to do


You'll be disappointed with your partner. The routine and his/her lack of commitment to doing new things will take a toll on your feelings. You'll feel that if you're happy, everything is fine. However, the minute you ask for more attention, a war breaks out. Maybe it's time to seriously consider whether you want to be in a relationship like this for the rest of your life.

Single Leos will be quieter than usual and will stay in their comfort zone, unnoticed by their group of friends. Don't force yourself into conversations you're not comfortable with, but don't remain silent either; otherwise, they'll start worrying about you.

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A blocked sink will make you cancel all the plans you had for tonight. Moreover, you'll have to call a plumber urgently to solve this problem if you don't want your neighbour below to have a leak in the ceiling. If you have home insurance, it'll definitely cover the expenses and you won't have to pay anything. However, if you don't, the fee will eat into your savings.

Call that friend you lent money to over a month ago and remind him/her that they owe you. Take advantage of the fact that next week is the end of the month so that they can pay you back once they get their salary. 


You look at your silhouette and you don't like it. You'd take a pair of scissors and cut here and there if you could. If only it were that easy! You can't get fit in a couple of weeks; you have to be consistent, and you're a mutable sign so that's not really your thing.

You should try an activity that would also allow you to connect with your spiritual part. How about taking up yoga, pilates or tai chi?