Leo Horoscope Monday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Monday, August 24, 2020: Your partner's inability to keep up with you will be frustrating

You'll be good at making money in businesses that don't require risking your capital


The Moon in Scorpio will make you very passionate and eager to have sex at any moment of the day. However, your partner won't respond to you the way you expected: he/she will be cold and distant (because Venus will be in opposition to the regent of Scorpio: Pluto).

You'll be very annoyed by this situation because you're always there for your partner when he/she feels aroused but when it's the other way around, your other half ignores you.

Single Leos will also be affected by the same influence and in a moment of weakness could even fall into the arms of their ex-partner to release the accumulated sexual energy. 

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When it comes to money, the stars foresee a favourable day to reach advantageous agreements as long as they're bilateral (investments, salaries, commercial contracts, etc.) and don't involve buying or selling a material good, that is, something physical or tangible.

In fact, the entry of the Sun and Mercury in Virgo a couple of days ago activated your resource zone and you'll be very good at managing your finances. You'll be very practical when it comes to doing business. Success will be on the side of those whose professions require ingenuity to make money, such as bankers, consultants or brokers.

You won't be willing to risk your money, but you'll be generous and eager to share your possessions. 

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In terms of your mental health, you may need a chat with a close friend to vent your frustrations regarding your sex life. If you're embarrassed to talk about it, it's best to see a psychologist who can give you the right guidelines to deal with your partner in a calm way.

As far as your physical health is concerned, your unruly hormones will make it very difficult for you to focus at work. 

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