Leo Saturday on a night sky background

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, April 24, 2021: You'll look for new adventures and experiences

Your blood will attract mosquitoes and other insects that will be happy to bite you


It seems that you're surrounded by breakups and divorces. You'll start wondering if you also want to fly alone and live new adventures. You'd love to have new experiences and break your routine, but you can also do it within your relationship, Leo.

Don't put all the weight of responsibility on your partner's shoulders. You can also suggest different activities. You're one of the most creative Zodiac signs, so take advantage of it and relight the spark if you feel it's fading.

Single Leos will also be very critical regarding their past relationships. Did you get too comfortable and expect your other half to do everything? Did you delegate all the responsibility for household chores to your partner? Did you think that he/she should be as ambitious as you and were constantly nagging him/her about it?


You'll get your act together and finish all the delayed tasks without complaining about them. Even if you feel lazy, you'll focus on finishing your work as soon as possible.

This aspect will also be reflected in money, as you'll gather some to pay off small debts that have been dragging on since the beginning of the year.

Entrepreneurs with small businesses related to tourism, such as a souvenir shop, will start slowly getting back on track.


Your body will ask you to spend the day outdoors doing exercise. However, all your excitement will fade when you realize that every insect you come across is out to bite you. So before you leave your house, take a mosquito repellent body spray and an ointment for bites.  Avoid bright colors and sweet-smelling colognes or perfumes.

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