Leo Horoscope Friday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Friday, October 23, 2020: You'll make money without making a great effort

You don't normally give a damn about other people's opinion about you, but today it could lower your self-esteem


Today others' opinions about you and your family will become very important to you. The entry of the Sun in Scorpio could make you possessive of your partner. The idea that your loved one is your property is very toxic and may lead you to jealousy attacks. It definitely won't do your relationship any good.

Single Leos should be careful as they'll attract people who are also possessive and may start going out with someone who has negative vibrations and intentions.

You'll work hard to make sure your children don't lack anything and buy them anything that makes them happy. However, be careful not to spoil them too much; otherwise, they won't learn the value of effort and perseverance in order to get what they want.

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If in the past few weeks you've tried to make others happy and even donated money thanks to your altruistic side, today the tables will turn. Your material goods and money will gain a great deal of importance to you.

The planetary alignment will help you obtain benefits without making great efforts, but, as a consequence, you'll become more stingy. Your money will be for you and your family, and no one else. You'll be greedy and think that you have more money than you actually do, which will lead you to overspend.

The stars will benefit professions related to art and beauty (jewelers, stylists, beauticians, manicurists, etc).

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Your self-esteem can't depend on others' opinions about you. You always try to love yourself but there are times of weakness when you care too much about what others think of you.

Work on your self-esteem every day so that it depends on nothing and no one but you.

The Moon will lead you to a lot of strength and good physical health this Friday.