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Leo Horoscope - Sunday, May 23, 2021: Make sure your closest ties benefit you

Saturn retrograde, which begins today and ends on October 10th, will mark your relationships

❤️ Love

Leo, Saturn retrograde begins today, on May 23 in the sign of Aquarius in your area of partnership, and ends on October 10. This period will mark all your relationships. You'll reflect on people you have a close connection with, such as your partner, spouse, colleagues, a close friend or even your rivals. 

You'll check if your bonds bring you harmony and a sense of belonging; or on the contrary, they lead you to more unhappiness than joy. Make sure each relationship brings you something positive and you offer the same; otherwise, it's a devotion.

It's a good moment to talk to your spouse about how to improve your marriage and what things should be changed so that your relationship goes more smoothly. 

💰 Money

The same astral energy will be also noticed at work since it'll affect business partners and rivals, like a colleague at work who you compete with for a better position or sportspeople who want to reach the finish line first. 

You'll have to deal with delays when it comes to legal paperwork that involves money, such as divorces and lawsuits. Leo, if you've been waiting for a legal matter to finish to start carrying out some of your plans, you'll have to change your strategy because it may take months before it's over. 

👩‍⚕️ Health

Your skin will be very sensitive and affected by your emotions. Stress may lead you to acne or rashes on your face.

Mercury square Neptune won't let you think clearly  and you'll be clumsy in your conversations.

👍 Tip of the day

Focus on people who are always there for you and forget about those who promise you the Moon, but then never lend you a hand

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for this Sunday, May 23rd are: 3, 15 and 53.

🤝 Compatibilities

Leo, these are your best compatibilities for Sunday, May 23, 2021:

Aries and Gemini in Love

Libra and Pisces in Friendship

Taurus and Libra at Work

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