Leo Tuesday on a night sky background

Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, March 23, 2021: You'll know how to manage your time

There may be misunderstandings in the family nucleus, but nothing that cannot be solved


Single Leos who have a family meal or a get-together with their friends will feel attacked by them. You won't like the fact that people feel free to talk about and judge your decisions regarding relationships. They'll say that you always choose the same type of people and stumble over the same stone. Before you lose your temper (as patience won't be your best virtue today), you should get up from the table without saying anything and resort to a quiet place in the house where you can calm down.

If you have a partner and children, the communication with them won't be very smooth either. You'll find it hard to make them understand what you're trying to say and you'll get the impression that they don't really want to understand you or pay attention to you. 

Leo, it's not that everyone's ignoring you. Today's astral aspects won't let you express yourself clearly and lead you to various misunderstandings.  

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Beware if your job is related to road and highway maintenance; it seems that today everyone will be in a hurry and some may not respect the caution signs that warn that there are people working on the road.

Some of your projects have been stuck for a while. When it seems you can get ahead, there's some document you need to wait for, which delays all the process. Instead of getting frustrated, take advantage of your free time and work on other tasks. 

Don't compare your purchasing power with that of others if you don't want to feel demotivated. 


You'll feel vital, energetic, and agile. Your state of mind will ask you to release tensions, bad vibes and get serotonin. Therefore, put on your sports clothes and move your body.

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