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Leo Horoscope - Saturday, January 23, 2021: Someone from your past will come back

It'll be a very positive day as you'll have pleasant experiences in all areas of your life


The good aspects between the crescent moon and several stars (the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto) will bless you with a memorable day in the love field, especially if you're in a relationship. Joyful and pleasant experiences will help you live love at its best.

If you're single, the Venus-Pluto conjunction may bring back someone from your past. Are you sure you want to let this person back into your life? Think about it, Leo.

If you have children, they'll suggest going out and doing some family activities. They'll be really good if you fulfill their wishes and you'll have a great day, too.

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The astral plane predicts  a slow but steady professional and economic recovery. You'll still have a bit to wait to see remarkable results at work or in your finances. For the time being, keep fighting with the same optimistic attitude.

If you happen to work this Saturday, the atmosphere will be relaxed both with clients and between colleagues. You'll socialize a lot and even reconcile with some people who haven't been on good terms with lately. This new atmosphere will make you feel better, and therefore, perform more efficiently.

It'll be a very good day for Leos who have their own business as you'll be able to make profitable sales and attract new loyal customers.


A good rest and the harmonious aspects of the Moon will help you renew your energy, which you'll be able to channel correctly. Activities that require physical movement will make you feel alive.

You'll be willing to gradually change your diet to one that includes more vegetables and seeds and less meat.

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