Leo Tuesday on a night sky background

Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, February 23, 2021: You'll give valuable economic advice

Keep exercising and you'll be able to see the desired results in the short term


Leo, you'll need to disconnect from everything and everyone to focus only on one person: your better half. You'll be eager to bond with your partner in a quiet and intimate atmosphere. Although at this moment a romantic getaway is impossible, you'll have some ideas about how to enjoy your love. You may have a picnic in the forest or the beach, and even in your living room. You'll decorate it to perfection and create a very romantic atmosphere.

Lately, the frenetic rhythm hasn't let you take care of your relationship as you should have. It's a perfect moment to talk with your partner, explain to him/her how you feel, and bring your hearts closer again.

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You'll feel a little overwhelmed as  your friends and acquaintances will be asking you for advice regarding their financial matters. Yes, it's true, you're doing very well, but few people see all the effort and stress it has taken you to reach your position. Some want to succeed as soon as possible without making the minimum effort. Therefore, give your advice, but make it clear that nothing is as easy as it seems and there's no reward without giving your best first. 

At work, a tense atmosphere and tiredness make lead your colleagues, superiors, and even clients to respond rudely. Don't take it personally and try not to get involved in this game. If someone starts attacking you verbally, simply let the security know and get it off your chest without too much fuss.


Some Leos may lose their motivation because they don't see the expected results in the mirror. Don't quit exercising! Physical changes may not be obvious yet, but your metabolism is increasing and you're creating a very beneficial habit. Be patient, Leo, physical transformation is on its way!

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