Leo Friday on a night sky background

Leo Horoscope - Friday, April 23, 2021: Feed your mind with a good book

If you like to show how much money you have, you may attract the attention of thieves and fraudsterss


Single Leos who have been looking for love for a long time will be anxious and eager to fall in love. Your heart will be invaded by the feeling of desperation, which will worsen your mood. The more you resist your situation, the more it's going to hurt. Accept your life;  it's ok not to have a partner. Enjoy your solitude!

The stars don't foresee a particularly romantic atmosphere for Leos in a relationship, but there aren't any risks either. What they do predict is a lot of physical movements, such as moving house, going on a trip or long walks, doing sports together with your partner, etc. You'll have to adapt to each other's pace so as not to be left behind.

If you have an elder brother or sister, he or she will surprise you with some pleasant news. They could be getting married or expecting their first child. Either way, it'll be a great revelation to celebrate.


There's no need to act bravely in a situation you know nothing about. Nobody knows everything and it's ok to admit that you lack knowledge in certain matters. If you jump into the pool without knowing what you're doing, failure is guaranteed. Avoid taking on more work.

Venus will urge you to show your luxurious items, especially golden jewelry. Too many accessories will attract others' attention and you'll come across as a very ostentatious person. On the other hand, if you wear a fine and elegant necklace or flattering earrings, you'll look very elegant and powerful.


On International Book Day the best way to feed your mind is definitely by reading a good book. Instead of ordering it online, stroll the streets of your town, go into bookstores (walking also counts as exercise) and get the best advice from the people in the store (this way you'll also help local workers and entrepreneurs).

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