Leo Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, September 22, 2020: Your energy will shine like a lighthouse on the coast

Your vibrations will be so high that you could even experience a paranormal phenomenon


Leo, your Astro regent will be influenced by a very positive astrological aspect today. You'll project an image of harmony that will help you show your most positive side.  You're also likely to apologize for hurting your family's feelings yesterday.

You'll be very sentimental and eager to improve the world with your little actions. You'll help people who are in need. Helping an elderly lady with her shopping or donating toys and unwanted clothes to the needy are simple but loving actions you can easily carry out. 

Your spiritual halo will attract people with the same values and beliefs; therefore, you'll be able to make new friends today.

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You'll unleash creativity from every pore of your skin. You'll be able to dye any project with unimaginable colors. However, you'll have to apply your own methods (which may be a little orthodox) so you can handle and structurize your inspiration. 

You'll also have to be careful as idealism can lead you to unrealism. No matter how good your ideas are, they may be impossible to carry out due to economic reasons. Therefore, you'll have to find a balance.

Your magnified intuition will benefit you greatly if your job is related to the field of art or the occult.

Mercury will give you the gift of speech, which will help you when looking for a better job, asking for a pay rise, or setting up your own business. 

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Thanks to the astrological climate and your intuition, you're likely to experience some paranormal phenomena today. You might see an orb of light or a shadow, or hear a voice at home or in a hospital from another dimension.

There's nothing to worry about as they won't be negative energies. It's just that today your vibrations will be so high that they might attract external forces. Just observe them and don't be afraid.

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