Leo Horoscope Sunday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Sunday, November 22, 2020: You'll be a source of inspiration for others

Self-esteem will play the main role today; take advantage of it and devote some time to take care of your body and mind


Today, every pore of your skin will be shouting "Me, Myself and I". Your identity and the way you express your feelings will be very important to you this Sunday. Moreover, you won't be discreet; quite the contrary, you'll make sure everyone knows how much you love yourself.

Leo, you'll be proud of your virtues and the Sun in Sagittarius will enhance them even more. Your creativity and romanticism will play the main role today. You'll put yourself before others not from a selfish point of view but self-love. 

If you're a woman, you'll fight for your rights. Archaic archetypes must come to an end, and you won't be afraid to raise your voice until you're heard and things start changing.

Single Leos won't have time to focus on anyone but themselves. You'll give yourself the importance you deserve and realize how valuable you are. 

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You'll be able to communicate in a revolutionary, creative, and innovative way and become a source of inspiration for others. Your kind and honest words will heal others' wounds. 

You'll meet new people and have an opportunity to travel and work on a project that has to do with your current values. Let this idea rest for a few days before giving a firm answer.

You'll create a new network of contacts thanks to your knowledge, studies, and projections. This will lead you to new job opportunities that will help you increase your income in the last months of the year. 

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