Leo Horoscope - Friday, January 22, 2021: You'll deepen your bonds and develop your relationships

Your demanding and satirical attitude will cause tension in your workplace


Venus trine Neptune and the Moon will harmonize and bless your relationships. You'll find a perfect balance between romance, dreams, emotions, and passion. It's a perfect day to express your affection and develop your commitment.

This energy will also affect friendships and help you make new friends or strengthen your bonds with the old ones.

Single Leos will be the ones who will be benefited from this planetary synchronicity the most. You'll be able to advance in your conquest or start a new romantic relationship. Your popularity, confidence, and fieriness will melt anyone's heart.

This astral climate warns you about a possible disagreement with a sibling. However, your relationship with your mother or a mother figure will be great. 

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Mercury square Uranus-Mars could make you lose your social and economic power if you try to impose your ideas that may be a bit too abstract. You won't be able to get your message across and your aggressive communication may scare everyone away, especially if you aren't a partner in your company.

Whether you're an employee or have your own business, your satirical attitude and lack of tact will lead you to certain problems and disputes both with your colleagues and bosses.

This situation may lead to a standstill or certain economic losses. However, there's nothing to worry about as it won't affect your portfolio much and you'll be able to overcome this bump in no time.


Your impulsiveness and lack of reflection will trigger disagreements that will worsen your mood. Your impatience and stress will lead you to muscle twitching and headaches. Once you close your office door and remember it's Friday, you'll breathe a sigh of relief.

The atmosphere at home will be joyful and cheerful.  The good aspect between Venus and the Moon will favor fertility.

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