Leo Monday on a night sky background

Leo Horoscope - Monday, February 22, 2021: Don't reveal all your cards yet

You'll be the most popular sign this Monday and all eyes will be on you


Leo, today you'll be very popular and people around you will be interested in getting to know you more. If you're single, enjoy pleasant and flattering conversations, but make sure everybody knows you have lots of candidates behind you. Make things a little difficult for your suitors, don't reveal all your cards, keep some information secret about you. Don't make serious commitments and have fun if you feel like it until you find someone special worth all your time and attention. 

Leos who are in a stable relationship will also notice the power of this attraction and have to decide whether to let themselves go or be faithful to their commitment.

If you have children and go to pick them up from school, you'll notice all eyes on you and people whispering and murmuring behind your back. 

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Contemplate learning more about computers, especially if it's your usual work tool. Look into keyboard commands to shortcut certain functions, applications, and programs that will help you boost your productivity, such as collaborative to-do list programs. Customize the brightness so you don't end up with eyestrain. You can also defragment your hard drive to make your computer run faster.

You'll focus on insignificant setbacks that won't let you move towards your professional goal from a broader perspective. Try to devote your time to more important tasks than correcting almost imperceptible errors.


Tonight you'll be eager to have a special dinner.  If you can't go to a restaurant, put on an apron and become a professional chef yourself. You'll enjoy every bite that will be full of sensation and explosions of flavors. Even if you spend two hours cooking, the result will be worth it.

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