Leo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, August 22, 2020: You'll prioritize your needs and objectives in your relationship

Energetic oppositions may lead you to feel confusion and a chaos of emotions


When it comes to love, today you'll get the courage to have a serious conversation with your partner. You're fed up with having to chase after him/her all the time. Your needs are just as important as theirs and you'll be willing to let them know how you feel. 

However, be careful about how you handle the conversation. Don't try to impose your conditions but don't be intimidated if your partner calls you dramatic either.

Single Leos should beware not to get into a toxic relationship.  Leo, we know that you're attracted to fun and brave leaders like yourself, but don't let the person you're with think that he/she is in charge of your relationship. 

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Mars will be in an inharmonious aspect with Saturn and Pluto in your work zone; therefore, it's not a good idea to take up something new today or have important meetings and share your innovative or transformative proposals. 

It's also very important that you check your spam folder in your e-mail as you may find certain e-mails of vital importance to your job. 

When it comes to your economy, you'll give more importance to joint finances than to your own.  If you need to buy something for the house, you'll take the money you've saved for your own things. 

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Your skin will be very sensitive today, so be careful not to bump into anything (which you'll be prone to due to the astral energies) as the bruises won't go away for several days.

On a mental level, the Moon squared to Venus can make you feel lost and confused at certain times of the day. The stars will lead you to romantic idealizations and, at the same time, you'll have the feeling that your relationship doesn't allow you to grow as a person.