Leo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, November 21, 2020: What kind of love do you think you deserve?

Venus will enter Scorpio in your 4th House, which is a perfect moment to strengthen your family ties


The law of attraction does exist, Leo. You have to learn to efficiently project your desires to the Universe. However, before that, you must know that there is another energy that prevails at the beginning: resonance. You attract what you think you deserve. Therefore, there is no point in repeating a thousand times that you want to have a great partner or perform love rituals with the Moon if you unconsciously don't believe that you deserve true love.

Leos in a relationship will be eager to break their routine and do something different and exciting. Why don't you do some sports and reward yourself with a delicious meal and a bit of relaxation before the sun goes down?

If you have children, it's a perfect day to become a kid again and play with them. You may have a picnic in a park or in the countryside and try kite flying.

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The astral climate will encourage you to waste money on whims. You'll be eager to look your best and try out some exotic food. Leaving your comfort zone and trying some unusual dishes from other countries will help you widen your culinary horizons. If you have a partner, let the energy of Venus invade you and have a dessert at home playing erotic games with the whipped cream. It'll definitely be a Saturday to remember!

If you have to work, the atmosphere will be lively and the clients will be cordial and friendly. You'll have a great time and your day will fly by.

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The Moon will help you trust yourself more and appreciate your values. Celebrate your life and be grateful for everything you've got.

When it comes to your physical health, your body will ask you for fun and action; therefore, you'll have to find an activity that combines these two concepts.