Leo Sunday on a sky background

Leo Horoscope - Sunday, March 21, 2021: You'll regain your competitive spirit

Don't think you're smarter than your doctor; he/she is a professional and you should follow their instructions


Your ruler, the Sun, is in the fire sign, which will make you feel more comfortable.  You'll regain your spark, your charismatic identity, and focus on your dreams and desires. 

Leo, if you can't stand your partner's hobby or behavior that bothers you so much, it's time to let him/her know about it. Now, be careful when choosing your words, as your better half may think you're trying to manipulate him/her and you'll get into trouble.

Single Leos who have been dreaming about someone they don't know but still feel wonderful about this person will experience a fascinating moment. In real life, you're going to come across him/her and feel the same way! Finally, you'll be able to put a face to this mysterious person you've been dreaming about.

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Although it's Sunday and it's your day off, your cell phone will ring on various occasions due to work-related issues. If you decide not to pick it up, the person who urgently needs you will fill your phone with instant messages and pictures. In the end, you'll have no choice but to give in.

The Sun in Aries will bring back your competitive spirit. You'll be eager to be the best and stand out in your career and studies. This energy will fill you with vitality and the challenge of winning will motivate you a lot.


If you complain to your family members and friends about your ailments and the number of pills and tests you have to do, but then don't follow your doctor's instructions, they'll stop listening to you.

Your closest circle is worried about you, but the person you have to worry about the most and take action is yourself. 

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