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Leo Horoscope - Thursday, January 21, 2021: You'll feel supported and loved by your family

You'll be able to overcome obstacles with optimism and positive attitude


The atmosphere in your family and your closest circle will be affectionate and joyful, which will be reflected in your behaviour. You'll become more humble and kinder. Your thoughtfulness will be greatly appreciated and it'll help you strengthen your bonds.

You'll win people's hearts and your relationship with your partner, children, parents, close friends and neighbours will improve greatly. Nothing will be able to spoil your happiness today.

Your popularity and charisma will also be enhanced. Therefore, if you're a single Leo, the person you have in mind won't be able to resist you. 

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The energy in your work area is very tense; therefore, you'll have to deal with some serious difficulties in your workplace. You could even lose your job temporarily. Although it shouldn't get that bad, you're very likely to face obstacles when performing your tasks, which will lead you to work overtime.

However, instead of taking it really badly, your attitude will be quite the opposite and you'll be in a good mood. Your optimism will help you see things from a neutral or even positive perspective, especially if you weren't satisfied with your job.

Those Leos who work for others will enjoy the freedom and the possibility to make their own decisions without having to consult anyone.


Your health will improve and you'll feel strong, confident, and energetic. Your body will respond to your needs correctly so you won't have any problems doing physical exercise.

Feeling supported and loved by your family and friends will give you lots of positive emotions.

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