Leo Sunday on a sky background

Leo Horoscope - Sunday, February 21, 2021: You'll be very bossy today

You'd rather go out and have fun with friends than stay at home and do household chores


Leo, today you'll be quite bossy and eager to be right regarding every matter.  Whether you have a stable partner, are in a budding relationship, or trying to win someone's heart, this energy won't help you at all to achieve a healthy bond. 

If your partner doesn't agree with your point of view, you'll explain your perspective again and again just to prove that you're right. However, your loved one does understand you; he/she simply thinks differently, which is not bad at all. It's in the variety of opinions that we find growth. Besides,  do you insist so much to convince your partner or reaffirm your own beliefs?

If you have children, it's very likely that they'll decide to rebel against your orders and, in addition, make some drama. The "because I said so" won't be very effective on this Sunday.

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The Moon in Gemini is in your friendship zone so  you're very likely to ignore your chores or backlog and go out to have fun with friends. If you leave all the burden of your household responsibilities to your partner, you're in for a good night's row. And, if you live alone, you might realize that you haven't prepared your work clothes for tomorrow once you go to bed. 

Beware of going overboard and inviting everyone for beer and snacks; it'll cost you more than you think.

Some Leos will have no choice but to meet with their business partner to deal with certain urgent matters.


If you drink some alcohol today, you'll have to be careful with how much you ingest. Talking and laughing with your friends may lead you to consume much more than usual and it'll take its toll on you tomorrow. 

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