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Leo Horoscope - Friday, August 21, 2020: A good friend will need your advice and support

Mercury's entry into Virgo will make it hard for you to focus on your job and your workmates won't be helping you

Leo Horoscope Friday, 21 August 2020
Your Leo Horoscope for Friday, August 21, 2020 | Magic Horoscope


A close friend will need your advice regarding love matters. His/her relationship is in crisis mode and you always understand him/her perfectly. You'll be answering your phone and exchanging messages all day long. In fact, your friend may not be able to follow your advice because he/she is paralyzed by fear. However, just the fact that you're always there, supporting him/her will be more than enough. 

Since you'll be on the phone all the time, your partner might get a little upset. Don't worry; if you explain to him/her what's going on (without going into details), he/she will definitely be able to understand the situation and even give you their opinion and point of view.

If you're a single Leo, love won't be on your side today. Therefore, it's best to focus on your work and friendships.

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At work, your colleagues will be acting as if it were already the weekend, which will irritate you because you won't be able to concentrate on your tasks. At some point, you'll run out of patience and be the party pooper when you ask them to lower their voices and get back to work.

Once you get paid, you'll try to organize your September expenses, but that won't stop you from planning something for this weekend. Such activities as making a few snacks and spending the day at the beach or visiting a natural park don't require a large financial outlay.

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