Leo Wednesday on a night sky background

Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, April 21, 2021: Unexpected agreements at work

Beware, Leo, your crush might have the intention to play with your heart and break it


You'll notice that all the conversations you have this Wednesday will flow, especially those with your loved ones. Whether it's your partner, a new crush, a friend or a family member, you'll feel really happy after each interaction.  Bonds will be strengthened and you'll create a good atmosphere around you.

However, Leos who are getting to know someone should ask him/her about their intentions. If your crush doesn't tell you if he/she is looking for a serious relationship, you'll have to be very careful  as this person might be playing with your heart.

A good atmosphere at home could be ruined when a family member will let you know that he/she isn't telling you something in order not to worry you.


You'll sign very unexpected and even surreal contracts and agreements. You'll get many surprises and even though you'll be a little sceptical at first, the feeling of joy and illusion will finally take over you. If you don't trust a particular situation, make a voice recording to avoid problems in the future. 

Ambition will be running strong in your veins again and you'll strive to meet the pioneering professionals in your sector.  You'll meticulously observe what they invest in, how they're acting or what they're wearing to help yourself climb the career ladder. 

You may think that coming across as a wealthy person will elevate your status, but if you look closely, most billionaires have a minimalist appearance and a life out of the spotlight because they value their privacy.


A sedentary lifestyle will take over you and you won't even be eager to go for a walk. You know that this habit doesn't benefit you at all, in fact, it's bad for your health. Contrary to what it may seem, walking doesn't make you feel tired; it activates many parts of the body and exercise gives you energy.

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