Leo Horoscope Sunday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Sunday, September 20, 2020: You need to take more care of your facial skin

Neptune's opposition to the Sun will make you feel the need to go deeper into yourself, into who you really are


The conjunction of Mars with Lilith will make you distrust the women around you, whether they are your partner, mother, friend, sister, etc. You'll be skeptical of any anecdote a female will tell you today.

Even if you're a female Leo, you'll distrust your own instincts. However, if you change your attitude, it can actually help you bring out the leader in you. Dare to feel like a Wonderwoman: an independent, strong, sensual woman who can conquer any heart and use it at her will.

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You should try to devote more time to your inner self. What about renting a camper for a month and visiting different towns and cities in your country that would help you reconnect with yourself?

When it comes to having kids, economic instability always makes you delay your plans. The changes in the last few months haven't helped to make the decision either. You should revise your project list and reorganize your priorities.  Once you make up your mind, start working on your economy so that you can fulfill your dream in the coming months. 

No matter if you've been willing to change your home or not, there's a high probability you'll have to move. If you're renting your house and your landlord/lady asks you to leave, check your contract to see how much time you have to move out.

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If you cleanse your face and moisturize your skin on a daily basis, you'll look younger and healthier. You don't have to buy the most expensive creams that claim to use gold in their production; simple and natural products will be more than enough if you're constant.

Have you ever tried preparing an aphrodisiac meal?  You might not need it but maybe your partner does. You can add cinnamon, oysters, dark chocolate, or strawberries to your recipes without your partner even knowing about it!

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