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Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, October 20, 2020: New business contacts will lead you to success

Well-aspected conjunction between the Moon and Mars indicates that it's a good moment to launch a new business

Leo Horoscope Tuesday, 20 October 2020
Your Leo Horoscope for Tuesday, October 20, 2020 | Magic Horoscope


Leo, you'll be very interested in intellectual work so you may take your partner to a bookstore or a library. Your loved one will try to help you out and suggest a variety of books for you to read but you'll reject them all. Finally, he/she will leave you alone as you'll be focused on finding the specific topic you're interested in and you won't even remember why you asked your partner to accompany you. 

A very close friend might ask you for help with a personal project he/she is working on. Your mate will count on you because you're able to see deeper and you always have in mind so many variables that others wouldn't have thought of. Remember to give your point of view objectively without hurting your friend's feelings. Try to give constructive criticism without falling into self-centeredness.

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The energies are favorable to undertake a new business or invest in one you believe is safe. Collect all the necessary data before you jump into the pool. However, once you take the necessary steps and start moving forward, success is guaranteed.

Your willingness and friendly character will attract professional contacts who will help you learn and expand your knowledge. Be attentive, as even informal chats may teach you important lessons.

Just don't pretend to know more than you actually do. Also, don't tell lies (even small ones) to project the image of someone you're not. Remember, the truth will out. 


You'll be chatting all day long and may end up with a sore throat. Have a couple of honey candies in your pocket so your voice doesn't become hoarse in the middle of a conversation or an important business negotiation. 

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