Leo Horoscope Friday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Friday, November 20, 2020: Your sensitive words will move your partner

Your family members may actually help you to find a job; start asking around


Leo, the stars will help you to express your deepest and most sincere emotions with the help of your words. Take advantage of this energy and write a love letter or a poem to your loved one. Your partner will be moved and shed some happy tears.

Even if you're in a long-term relationship, it's always a good idea to let your partner know how much you admire and love him/her.

Avoid text messages, applications, or word processors. Don't search for romantic lines online and let the words come from your heart. Write a hand-written letter, which is always more personal. Write the first draft and then edit it; your final results will look much more orderly this way.  

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When it comes to finding a job, it's time to ask your family members, friends, and acquaintances for help.  Don't be ashamed and ask them directly if the company they work for is looking for more employees. In case they have their own business, ask them if they could give you an opportunity. 

Sometimes we miss chances just because we're afraid to come across as selfish people, but that won't happen to you, Leo, as everyone knows you have a good heart. Take advantage of the inner strength that your ruler brings from the Sun in sextile to Jupiter and Saturn to achieve your goals.

You can also get hold of a Plectranthus verticillatus, known as the magic money plant to help you create abundance in your life.

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Music has always been present in your life. It's an important social element as well as a great way to channel our feelings.

Use it wisely:  create music lists that convey calm when you feel stressed or make you happy when you're down. You'll see that it can be very useful in your everyday life.