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Leo Horoscope - Monday, July 20, 2020: Doubts regarding your relationship

If money is a source of conflicts in your relationship, you should start managing it in a different way


There is a lot of tension in the sky: the moon is in conjunction with the sun, and they both are in opposition to three retrograde planets: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This planetary alignment will create a chaotic atmosphere at home.  There will be times when you'll be bothered by absolutely everything about your partner and overcome by a terrifying feeling of fear of abandonment.

Both your partner and you will have doubts regarding your relationship, which will be very unpleasant. Look for ways to relax and remember why you love each other.

Single Leos who play multiplayer online games will meet someone they'll love to chat with. Too bad, Leo, because the other person not only lives in another country but also on a different continent.

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The development of the project that you've carried out to optimize your company's benefits will bear fruit  and you'll obtain the deserved recognition.

It's also a perfect day to launch an online store to sell your creative designs. If you're constant and know how to move in the digital environment of your interest, you'll have a very profitable business in a few months.

If your partner spends much more money than you do and that prevents you from saving, it's time to open your own account. Open a joint account for the common expenses and do with the rest of the money whatever you like. That way you can spend the money you want and save for that trip you want to go on with your best friend.

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The New Moon will help you visualize your new projects more clearly and communicate your purpose to the Universe.  In this phase, you'll seek deep feelings as superficial relationships won't satisfy you at all.