Leo Saturday on a sky background

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, February 20, 2021: You'll control your expenses and save up a little

Things in your relationship will get a little complicated today; apologize if you feel it's your fault


You won't be able to continue hiding the secrets you've kept for so long. You'll need to come clean but your words could do some irreversible harm. Are you sure that coming clean is the best solution? If you made a mistake and it's not going to happen again, you might be better off taking your secret to the grave.

However, as we all know, one of the cornerstones of any relationship is honesty. And your partner has the right to know if you've broken your agreement. Oh Leo, what a difficult decision! No outside advice you receive is going to help you out. It'll have to be you who decides what to say and how to act. 

The astral climate will tense all relationships and they'll be explosive. Be humble and ask for forgiveness if you feel that you have messed up. 

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Leos who work with the elderly or children will have new opportunities today. You may find a job, get a promotion, open your own academy or daycare center, find more clients, etc. Your sky indicates an increase in your economy and personal satisfaction.

Your bank accounts are under control and you keep saving, which is definitely good news.  You won't succumb to any whims nor have unforeseen expenses, which will help you spend as little as possible today. 


You may have some digestion problems today. If you've been suffering from this discomfort for a while, we recommend that you take probiotics based on lactobacillus on an empty stomach. In any case, consult your doctor first.

Poor sitting posture and spending hours looking at the screen may lead you to neck and shoulder pain. Before taking a painkiller, why don't you try massaging the area with rosemary essential oil?

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