Leo Tuesday on a night sky background

Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, April 20, 2021: Your charisma will benefit you a lot

You must learn to delegate responsibilities; otherwise, your health will suffer


You'd like to live in a rural area, away from the noise of the city where you can listen to the birds singing when you wake up. But you think that the rest of your family don't like this idea. Why don't you ask them directly? Their answers may well surprise you. And, even if they don't agree with you, you can propose a vacation in a quiet place surrounded by nature.

Single Leos will meet someone whose physical appearance or style wouldn't normally attract them, but something special will make them fall for this person. Leave your prejudices aside and listen to your heart. Don't be skeptical and give yourself a chance to get to know your crush better. 


Venus will favor your finances but you'll have to be careful with some of your professional contacts as you could be involved in a scandal that will affect you and jeopardize your reputation. So, don't get involved in any shady business that you're offered, especially if it's outside the law.

Today you'll be more affectionate and diplomatic, your charisma will soar and you won't go unnoticed by anyone. In addition, recognize that you love to be the center of attention. You'll enjoy the benefits you receive that will bring you closer to the success you deserve.

Leos who have a responsible position and are in charge of other workers will be good leaders and know how to motivate their team.


You know how to lead and guide others, but you have a hard time delegating work. Therefore, you usually end up putting in more effort and hours than you should. This has a direct impact on your mental and physical health. Your horoscope recommends that you read books on leadership and learn techniques to organize yourself better and trust others more.


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