Leo Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, September 2, 2020: The full moon in Pisces will illuminate your financial area

You won't be able to express what you feel inside and long-distance relationships may come to an end


Venus and Mars are still in the tense aspect, which will lead Leos to cold and distant relationships. You won't be able to say out loud what you really feel. You'll be eager to show love and affection but something will be holding you back.

Moreover, if you're in a long-distance relationship, due to the Moon in opposition to the Sun and Venus in opposition to Saturn  it may come to an end today. These types of relationships are very difficult to sustain over time. Although you really love that person, you'll feel that you need something more. For you, human contact, kisses, and caresses are essential, and having it once a month isn't really enough. 

If you're a single Leo, the astrological climate will make it hard for you to find your soulmate on this Wednesday. 

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Today you'll realize that you're short of cash. If you have your own business, you have to learn to budget your money better so that you can cover all the expenses and obtain more benefits in the future. Sometimes you try too hard to get a new customer and any unforeseen event leaves you skint.

If you still don't have a savings account, today's full moon in your finance and investment area is a perfect moment to open one. You can set up an automatic transfer to your savings account when your paycheck is deposited. Or, if you're more traditional, buy a piggy bank and put in a fixed amount of money each month.


If you have never thought about being a mother, lately you may have noticed that you pay more attention to babies than ever before. Being surrounded by children used to really annoy you in the past but now you catch yourself smiling when you see one. It's ok to change your mind; it's totally valid!

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