Leo Horoscope Friday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Friday, October 2, 2020: An unexpected call will lead you to a unique job opportunity

Have you already forgotten about the health goals you set yourself in September? Don't give up on them


Someone who has been in love with you for a long time will start stalking you. He/she will send you messages and be eager to talk to you at all times. It's someone you've already rejected in the past. Try to make this person understand that you don't want to talk or hang out with him/her no matter how much they insist.

If you block them from all your social networks and they still manage to get in touch with you, leave it for the police. 

You're so absorbed by the social projects that your family misses spending quality time with you. Plan a special weekend with your loved ones. 

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Leo, an unexpected phone call will lead you to a unique job offer. A company is looking for new talent with your experience and it looks like your resume has impressed them. Reflect on the changes this would make in your life and  trust your instincts.

Surprise gifts are the ones we value the most because they imply that someone has remembered us for no apparent reason. Although you may not receive many, you like giving them, which shows you have a good heart. Making an important person happy is priceless. 

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In the past, you made bad decisions regarding your diet, which has affected your health. If you don't have a diagnosed illness, stop blaming your metabolism once and for all. If you don't change your habits and keep sticking to miraculous, unbalanced diets, you'll never achieve your goals.

You may feel apathy and lack of energy. In this case, buy some fresh products and cook them at home. Eating healthily will instantly make you feel better.

Moreover, cleaning your house isn't exactly exercising. You know you have to do more sports. Start with some regular activity, even if it's a half-hour walk every day.