Leo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, July 2, 2020: You and your friends will come up with interesting projects

The eclipse is approaching and together with the Moon in Sagittarius it'll give you so much energy that you'll find it difficult to sleep


You'll feel the need to  reflect on certain aspects of your relationship that make you feel oppressed and submissive. Your relationship needs a deep transformation. Talk to your partner as soon as possible and set clear limits regarding mutual respect. 

If you're single, you'll be very demanding when looking for a partner because deep down inside you still want to enjoy your freedom and your friends. You know that your self-esteem and the love of those around you are enough to make you happy, Leo; therefore, there's no rush to start a relationship. 

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Today you'll unconsciously show off and come across as an arrogant person. It's taken you a lot of effort to get where you are now and you'll be eager to share your happiness with others. Leo, remember to be more humble because those around you may still be fighting for what you've already achieved.

You'll have an interesting conversation with your friends about a social project you can invest in. Don't let your first impulses guide you and make sure you investigate the matter until you have a very clear idea of what it's like. If the research convinces you of the project and the conditions of the investment, go ahead.


Morpheus won't be willing to take you in its arms tonight. You'll find it difficult to fall asleep and overthinking will just make things worse.

Adopting good sleeping habits is essential for your health. Your horoscope advises you to go to bed at the same time and disconnect your electronic devices half an hour before. Instead of scrolling your phone or watching TV, read a book or organize your agenda for the next day.