The Leo sign surrounded by stars

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, January 2, 2021: You'll be inspired to work on your project

Yesterday it was your partner who had to be extremely patient with you, but today the tables will turn


Leo, your partner will be worried about health and work matters. He/she won't find peace at home going from one room to another, singing, banging the table with his/her fist, playing loud music, etc. Your nerves will be put to the test, but instead of starting a fight, try to help your better half channel his/her energy.

Suggest exercising together or making a delicious cake, painting a room, or tidying up your wardrobes. These activities will help your partner to stay focused and release the accumulated energy.

Hugging your parents and your children will fill your heart with happiness for the rest of the day. Physical contact is very therapeutic. 

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The planet of communication in a good aspect to Neptune will allow you to connect with your most abstract emotions and put them into words, whether it's in verbal or written communication or abstract art. This is why artists and writers born under the sign of Leo will be very inspired today.

Even though it's Saturday, it's one of the best days in 2021 to launch your own project, or at least start a roadmap to make it tangible. The great trine between your regent Venus, the Moon in your sign and Mars will benefit your new business. However, you'll have to carry out this project on your own and the stars foresee a lot of problems with your business partners. 


Today you'll be eager to teleport to a peaceful desert island reigned by the silence and beautiful bird songs. Patience is an art that has to be cultivated and today you'll realize whether yours is quite developed or it's a good moment to start working on it.

When it comes to your physical health, you have to do some stretching exercises to control your breathing. How about a pranayama yoga class?

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