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Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, February 2, 2021: A new job opportunity

You'll be able to turn a frustrating situation into a life lesson about empathy


You'll be eager to do something very special for your partner or your friends. You may prepare a very romantic date for your loved one or a get-together with your mates and decorate your living room to surprise them. Unfortunately, your plans won't go as expected. You'll receive some last-minute excuses and they'll leave you hanging and frustrated. 

Maybe it's been too short a notice and your friends haven't had time to change their plans for you. Leo, admit it, you've also turned down some last-minute invitations.

Single Leos going on a date with their crush or simply meeting a friend will spend more time getting ready than usual and arrive late. You'll have to put up with some well-deserved criticism.

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 A Stellium in Aquarius will be in a tense aspect with the other planets in Taurus. Therefore, associations where everyone has the same percentage of the vote or where you're the leader will prosper. However, if any partner tries to get ahead of you, you'll become quite aggressive.  You'll rebel against the authority, which will lead you to problems, especially if other people in the company have more shares or power than you.

The Moon in Libra will be in a harmonious aspect with the Sun, which will favor those Leos who are unemployed. You'll get a new job opportunity and be more than able to prove your worth.


A friend who pretends to know it all will tell you about miraculous weight loss products that he/she takes to have great health. Don't believe a word they say. Do some research on your own and consult your doctor before you start spending money on miracle products.

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