Leo Horoscope for Friday

Leo Horoscope - Friday, April 2, 2021: You'll receive help from your guardian angel

You won't let anyone play with your heart and if you have to close some doors, you will


Older Leos won't let anyone play games with them.  If you're looking for love and the person you like is a weathercock, you'll slam the door. You'll be disappointed but soon get back on your feet. Don't lose faith, love is waiting for you and it'll come sooner than you think.

Lately, you haven't been seeing your friends much and you only talk to them online. You'll prioritize other matters in your life that according to you deserve more attention. This situation will upset your best friend who will drop hints to you, but it won't worry you much.

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A stroke of luck will help you solve your tricky work and financial issues. It seems that your guardian angel has come down to pull some strings and help you out. Take advantage of this beneficial energy to solve certain matters that you're always too lazy to deal with.

At work, you'll be looking out for a co-worker who isn't having his/her best day. You'll help them focus when they're too distracted and warn them when the boss is approaching so they stop staring at their cell phone.

Strolling through department stores and malls could lead you to waste a lot of money.  Gold and silver will shine brighter than ever and you'll be eager to take a lot of objects home. 


Lately, you've been neglecting your walking routine. Other tasks seem to have absorbed you and once to decide to go out, it's already dark. However, it shouldn't be your excuse. You can perfectly go for a walk once the sun goes down as well. Enjoy a nice stroll under the moon and the stars.

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