Leo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, November 19, 2020: Your kindness and sympathy will help you increase your income

Perseverance and romance will help you get a date with that person you like so much


Leos who are in a relationship will express their need for security and stability. You'll be happy to know that your partner feels the same way.

Single Leos who like someone very much will feel ready to conquer their crush.  Your stubbornness and creativity will help you achieve your goal. You'll know how to surprise that person and even give him/her expensive presents to attract their attention. And with perseverance but without crossing the line, you'll get that date you want so much.

If you've been arguing with your brother or sister lately, you'll be able to get closer and reconcile. It's important you don't try to prove who's right or wrong. Simply turn the page and focus on the good memories.

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In the next few days, you'll be eager to visit nearby villages or places you've never been to before. You'll also enjoy listening to music and going to art exhibitions.

If you have to attend to customers at work, you'll be influenced in a positive way. Thanks to your sympathy and kindness, your income and benefits will increase.

You still have some days left (until the 21st of November) to take advantage of the energy of Venus in Libra. It's a good moment to attend courses, seminars, and workshops. However, make sure you're interested in them; otherwise, laziness will take over you.

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Believing in love and trying hard to make it happen will make you feel very happy. You'll also be eager to hug your children and other family members. Connecting with your roots, your life partner, and descendants will be all you need to feel intense joy.

Your stomach will be sensitive, so avoid spicy and stodgy food today.