Leo Friday on a sky background

Leo Horoscope - Friday, March 19, 2021: If you open your heart, you'll receive support

You'll be the creator of your own good luck and won't wait for fortune to fall from the sky


You'll be eager to brag about your perfect relationship with your partner and other family members (children, siblings, parents, etc.). You'll make all your acquaintances believe that your family life is idyllic and although they won't believe you, they'll nod their heads so you don't feel uncomfortable.

Leo, it's time you put aside your pride and talk openly about your real situation with the people you trust and love as they'll be able to help you. If you have no relationship problems at the moment, it's great and you don't need to exaggerate. But if you're going through a rough patch like a divorce, share this secret with your closest friends.

They aren't going to judge you or make you feel like a failure. On the contrary, although they'll be surprised, they'll give you all their support. Hiding the truth has made you suffer in silence and now you'll have various shoulders to cry on if you need it. 

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Jupiter, the planet of luck, won't pay much attention to you this Friday. However, it's neither good nor bad luck. It simply means that you'll have to be the one to create your own fortune. Look around you and try to  find out about new niche markets or highly demanded jobs. Recycle your knowledge by attending a course and follow your intuition.

Some investment managers will try to persuade you to make some very risky investments so they can get large commissions. Luckily, you'll be able to reject them in a very diplomatic but direct way. 

If you stop rushing and don't press too hard on your gas pedal, you'll avoid a speeding fine that you're very likely to get today. 


You won't have much free time so take advantage of your daily tasks to do some exercise. For example, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, go to places walking or cycling, or do squats while doing the laundry.

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