The Leo sign surrounded by stars

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, December 19, 2020: You'll raise your voice to be heard

Thanks to the stars, your physical health will be great and you'll have a lot of self-confidence


Leo, the communication with your partner, family, and friends will be smooth and agile. You'll be able to talk about anything, including literature. However, your mood swings will lead you to change the way you act. One minute you'll be very sociable, expressive, and understanding; and the other, you'll be eager to hide in your shell. If the people who live with you will be able to assimilate this behavior and give you the space you need, everything will be ok.

It's likely that due to a financial problem, a family member will ask if he/she can stay with you for a while. If you have a partner, it'll affect your intimacy; and if you live on your own, your lifestyle will be altered.

Family traditions will become very important to you and you'll be eager to pass them on to your descendants.

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At work, you'll get over the disappointments and get down to business. However, you'll make sure that those who've been questioning your worth keep their mouth shut. You'll do this by raising your voice more than necessary when talking about all your accomplishments with your boss or manager today.

Mars in Aries will give you the security you need to talk to your superiors. Thanks to Mercury, you'll be able to get whatever you want: a pay rise, change of department, reduction of working hours, project management, etc.


Leo, today's energies will bless you with good physical health, mental clarity, and better management of your emotions.

You'll make sure everyone around you is happy as this directly affects your own happiness. Suggest your partner or parents going for long walks to get in shape. 

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