Leo Horoscope Friday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Friday, September 18, 2020: Technology projects will bring you success

A lack of self-esteem has led you to destructive relationships; you have to love yourself more and better


If you have a partner, and especially if you're married, you'll reflect on your relationship. Something won't feel right and you'll take some distance. You'll realize that you've idealized your partner too much.

The Moon in Cancer will encourage you to make plans together but you'll notice that there is a kind of invisible wall between you. However, don't let it discourage you; it's a good period for reflection and also for communication. Be realistic, sincere, and express your feelings. Talking things over will help your relationship mature.

If you're a single Leo, we don't recommend starting a relationship until the Sun enters Libra (September 22nd) as the stars won't be on your side. You should go in for a little introspection. Have you ever wondered why all the princes turn into frogs lately? A lack of self-esteem has led you to destructive relationships. Love yourself more and better, Leo.

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When it comes to your profession, consider all projects that have to do with technology because Uranus will be on your side.

If you have a business partner, you'll have to face a lot of tension between you two today. You'll get tired of his/her bad manners, which is totally understandable. You'll start wondering if it's time to set up a project with more potential on your own. A piece of advice: a list of pros and cons will help you decide.

Economically, it'll be a stable day and you won't deprive yourself of the good food if you happen to eat out with your friends.

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Your muscles may feel tight in the morning, which is quite normal if you don't do any sport. Therefore, put on comfortable shoes, go outside, stretch a little, and do some physical activity! If you're under a lot of stress and don't do anything to relieve it, don't be surprised that your muscles feel sore.