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Leo Horoscope - Thursday, March 18, 2021: It takes humility to admit your mistakes

Some media falsify economic data to encourage purchases; don't fall into this trap


You'll have a feeling that your relationship has finally consolidated and you no longer have doubts about whether you're good enough for your partner or if he/she could change you for someone better in the near future. You're sure that your better half loves you and you feel the same way. Your bond is going through the stage of maturity and stability.

Single Leos could stop dating that person they like so much only because of a satyrical joke that has hurt their ego! Take the wind out of your sails and put your pride aside. You're comparing innocent jokes to your past toxic relationships and you're locking yourself in a hard shell again. 

If you start avoiding your crush due to these harmless jokes, you could miss a very interesting relationship. 

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You'll hear words like "recovery" or "rebound" all around you, but you have to keep in mind that everyone uses the language that favors their businesses the most. Once you look into it, you won't be able to see any kind of recovery. You do well not to trust empty words and to keep saving. 

Some Leos who haven't done very well at work lately will manage to correct their mistakes and learn valuable lessons. It's very important that you humbly admit your mistakes in front of your superiors and colleagues. Don't fear repercussions; your honesty will be seen as a virtue.

Leos who work repairing or assembling small parts and mechanisms will have a more pleasant day than usual and receive some good news.


Emotions that you don't verbalize may turn into physical ailments or illnesses.  Do you always have a sore throat? Maybe there is something you are holding back and don't want to say. Listening to your body is essential and you should definitely do it more often.

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