Leo Thursday on a sky background

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, February 18, 2021: Romanticism will win over fear and jealousy

At work, you'll be competitive and integrative at the same time; you'll have good ideas that will lead to great results


Leo, your partner will continue acting weird. His/her attitude will make you think that he/she got back in touch with their ex. The cell phone upside down and audios in a low voice from another room will make all your alarms go off. Your mind in overdrive will lead you to thoughts like: Are they talking to their ex-partner or flirting with someone from work? Be careful! Jealousy and the fear of losing your better half may make you see things that don't really exist.

Instead of getting defensive or, even worse, snooping through your partner's phone (which you shouldn't do under any circumstances) show him/her that he/she is the love of your life and that your heart still burns with passion and desire.  Prepare something romantic and creative for both of you. Your partner is very likely to explain what's going on and finally clear your doubts

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The stars will make you feel quite competitive today. However, you won't trample on anyone's work or act unfairly to achieve your goals. You'll be very focused on your tasks, which will help you succeed whether you work alone or if you have a team at your disposal. You won't find it hard to make important decisions and your spontaneous ideas will lead to great results.

Leos who are art professionals will manage to find sponsors and investors and sign agreements  with exhibition halls or theaters where they can showcase their talents and attract large audiences.

However, Leos whose job is related to Maths or Science won't be able to focus today. 


If you've noticed that you're  losing more hair than usual or even have hairless areas, it's time to revise your diet, have a blood test done, manage stress better, and use natural products that don't damage your scalp.

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