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Leo Horoscope - Friday, December 18, 2020: A good day for reconciliation with your partner

If you choose a positive attitude, you'll attract more positive experiences and feel happier


When it comes to your relationship, you need to communicate more openly and express your emotions more spontaneously. Depending on the position of the Moon in your natal chart, you're likely to be reluctant to express what's bothering you.

And, when you hide something inside for too long, later you can't express it without the tears of anger. If you want to reconcile with your partner, you should both sit down in a relaxing atmosphere and tell each other how you've been feeling about your relationship lately. Talk about what you dislike, and, most importantly, don't forget to mention all the good things.

Don't worry, Leo, Saturn has entered Aquarius in your relationship zone and will bless you with couple stability. 

Single Leos will watch various romantic movies, which will only make you feel worse.

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You've had some projects in mind that made you consider the possibility of changing your job. However, in the end, they won't work out. You'll be disappointed and discouraged as you've already imagined your new job and were really excited about it. Remember, Leo, that when the Universe says "no", it simply means a change of direction.

Unemployed Leos should lower their expectations regarding a new job. You might not be able to get a dream job immediately; you have to  start at the bottom and little by little climb the career ladder until you reach the position you want.


As far as your emotions are concerned, you'll feel sad and eager to stay at home. Remember, that you can always choose an attitude to face the obstacles. If you go for a positive one, the Universe will bless you with more positive experiences.

In terms of your physical health, the cold you thought you've overcome will come back so take some extra pocket tissues with you. 

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