Leo Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, August 18, 2020: You'll have a good intuition for investments

The Black Moon will intensify your energy and desire to make your relationships better


It'll be a quiet day when it comes to love. However, it's not a bad thing. You'll be eager to fight for your relationship to make it better.  You'll ask your partner what you can do to improve it, what habits you should leave aside, what plan you've got for the long-term future, and if you both want to have children. You'll be willing to do anything to make it work

Perhaps this impetus is just a desperate silent cry for your partner to join this fight with the same desire and commitment as you.

The black moon in your sign will encourage single Leos to seek love in places where they wouldn't normally go to. Signing up for a workshop on something you aren't good at can be a success when it comes to finding a partner - laughter is guaranteed!

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Today and tomorrow, the good aspects between Jupiter and Neptune will lead you to very good intuition when making excellent investment decisions. Take advantage of this energy to invest your savings into companies that you think will be profitable. Above all, take foreign companies into account.

When it comes to your personal economy, you should stop wasting money on unnecessary household purchases. Save as much as possible so you can go on that dream trip as soon as possible. 

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You should start the day repeating some of your favourite mantras or positive phrases that fill you with positive energy. Do it when you wake up before you leave home. You'll be invaded by a feeling of energy to face the whole day with optimism.

If you forget or have a very busy morning, you can also do it at sunset while observing the changing colours of the sky.

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