Leo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, September 17, 2020: Luck is on your side; go for your goals!

Stagnant projects at work will come to life again thanks to your effort and hard work


Leo, if you've been thinking about increasing your family, it's a perfect time to do so.

If you're in a relationship, you'll feel a very intense connection with your partner,  which will be inexplicable and magical. You'll be able to talk about any subject and understand each other on an almost metaphysical level. It's also a perfect day to start planning new projects: moving in together, travelling or even getting married!

Singles will have a particular magnetism and will be tremendously irresistible. However, be careful; if you don't control your jealousy, you could destroy a special connection you have with someone new.

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Finally, all the work-related issues that have been stagnated will start clearing up. Lately, you've been listening to your heart. Now you know what you want and need to shine at work. You also know the type of job that would make you feel alive and vibrate.

Today's new moon is a perfect opportunity to manifest all your desires and turn them over to the Universe.  Get ready to follow your heart and make the necessary changes to get the job you desire.

If you already have the job of your dreams, congratulations! This Thursday you'll shine bright and attract your superiors' attention. Take advantage of it!

Venus in a tense aspect with Uranus may lead you to waste money on ultra-modern technological devices that you will use once or twice in a lifetime.

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Don't be embarrassed to go to your doctor; those hip pains you're suffering from should be checked by a specialist. If you search for information on the Internet, you won't find anything useful and just start worrying more.

Emotionally, you'll feel prepared for any challenge that may come your way. And, you're right not to doubt yourself because today you've got everything in your favour.