Leo Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, November 17, 2020: You'll notice immediately if you're comfortable at work

Are you aware of the time you spend glued to your smartphone screen going through the same apps?


You spend hours immersed in the depths of the Internet,  surfing on social network sites, and chatting to your family members and best friends. This situation will upset your partner and, due to the tense astral climate, you could respond to him/her in a harsh way, which will lead you to an argument.

However, Leo, you know that your better half is probably right. How many hours do you spend in front of your smartphone screen going through the same apps? All you see is invented lives where nothing bad ever happens, where everyone is happy and travel a lot. And your friends send you so many messages only because they never see you anymore and it's the only way to keep you up to date. Don't you think you owe your partner an apology?.

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Venus and Saturn suggest you show the appreciation you have for your job, especially if you love what you do. If not, it can be a turning point in your career.

You'll have to face some unexpected expenses related to your community or locality. It can be the payment of a fine or tax.

Leos who work for others will notice how their tasks accumulate due to the black Friday and the Christmas season. You'll have to change the stock and prices, place certain decorations and do many more things so get ready for more action and a little more stress.

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If your hands are very dry, this Tuesday is a perfect day to take care of them. Almond or sesame oil is great for their hydration. You can slather them at night with a moisturizer and cover them with a pair of soft gloves. You'll wake up with baby-smooth hands!

You have to be careful with the addictions of the 21st century, including cell phone addiction. You should control the time you spend with your phone because instead, you could do other much more beneficial things like reading, doing sports, or any other healthier activity. 

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